Hey, it's me, Daniel Freytag.

Digital Storyteller and Problem-solver on the internet and in real life.
Also a fan of Traveling, Cycling, Photography, Design and a 🇪🇺 European at heart.

I work for 🇩🇪 German public broadcaster SWR, where I make cool projects around voice assistants, radio, apps and the cloud happen.

To find out more about my current projects have a look at my Social Media pages or the Feed on my website.

Digital storytelling is everywhere and more important than ever.

Live broadcasts aren't about the view counts but the interactions and experiences.

Photos aren't about the camera they're taken with but about the story they tell.

Social Media posts aren't about the hashtags they contain but about the message they spread.

Brands shouldn't be about short term KPI's but about long term partnerships and retention.

That's what I stand for. A digital - yet personal and unique way of storytelling across many platforms.

Grown up with the internet, trained in television, working in radio and producing for live events, there's no denying that working across platforms is important to me.

The main fields I'm passionate about involve web development, film production, graphic design, live productions as well as Social Media and Community Management. As you can see, that's a lot of digital stuff, hence the name FRYTG digital.

From corporate films to social media clips, from live productions to social intranet, there are many ways and formats to tell a story.

A trade fair in Barcelona, live production in Berlin, news footage from Estonia, photographs from Baden-Baden. We've been all over the place. By combining great tools with amazing stories, your message can be told easily.

Making the internet smarter, one development at a time.
Whether it be a custom Amazon Alexa integration for Smart Homes, scalable websites, Kubernetes, Google Cloud integrations or more. We're ready for the challenge.

  • SWR3 Elchbot - Originally developed for the Facebook Messenger, this bot now also runs on the popular SWR3.de website and answers questions around radio, traffic, jokes and more.
    Talk to SWR3 Elchbot
  • Google Assistant - Voice assistants are growing and constantly getting better. Pioneering several use-cases in Germany, Daniel has meanwhile reached the highest level in the Google Assistant Developer Community Programm by reaching the "Taking your Action global milestone.
  • Amazon Alexa - Let Alexa turn off your lights or launch a scene? By creating a custom interface between an existing home automation system and the Alexa platform, just that is now possible.
  • Websites - Even though third-party platforms are growing, a strong brand website is still as important as ever! Control your own environment, tell your story and display your offerings. With a growing number of websites online made by us, with us, or our partners, we're happy to support this format as well.
    Want some examples? Check out Smart City Solutions or Karlsruhe kocht.

When I'm not working, you can probably catch me on a bike riding through nature or exploring Europe. Lots of routes and rides are on Strava.

Occasionally I also take photos at concerts, events or places I visit. A lot of them are in my Feed on this website.

If you want to get in touch or have questions, use any of the buttons below. The best option for a quick answer is probably Twitter or Telegram.