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Hello, I’m Daniel,

or Dan for short.

I am an Audio Cloud & Innovation Manager at SWR Audio Lab. In the past, I have also worked on live and film productions for local and international companies, events, and TV & radio stations.

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My work at the moment focuses on the improvement of ARD Audiothek, a platform for audio content from public broadcasters in Germany. I especially work on the integration and improvement of ARD Audiothek on voice assistants and platforms right now.

Our team also manages the apps for SWR’s radio stations, like the popular SWR3 mobile apps for iOS and Android. For these apps I also built the backend infrastructure, providing live meta data, podcasts, and all other content through our own central SWR Radiohub APIs, serving billions of API requests per month.

When not working you can often find me in nature or on a bike. I also enjoy photography, design, listening to music & podcasts and discovering new stuff on the internet. Climate change and sustainability are also important topics for me.

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Previously I also got to work on some exciting projects:

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You can find me on most current social media networks, preferably on Mastodon ( or Instagram. All other networks are also linked on the /social page.