Tokyo Adventures Day 1

Yes I made it! I'm finally on vacation after months and months of overtime and extra projects. I didn't went with an obvious destination like some typical summer beach spot but picked Tokyo and hence several people asked me to send pictures: 
Here they are!
On this blog! :)

I arrived around 7am at Tokyo Narita Airport which gave me almost a full first day here - a jet-lagged day though. I made it super quickly through immigration and faced the challenge of the Tokyo Metro system which is fairly complicated at first with different providers, express trains, multiple options for contact-less cards and so on. But everything explains itself after a few rides.

The first impression of the city are really good. Everything is super organized, super clean and super big. I was warned that not everyone will speak English over here but I didn't expect that only such few people comprehend and also speak it (no judgement, just an observation!)

After a quick stop at the hotel I went off to discover a borough called Taito with the intention to find a SIM card for mobile data. The discussion whether my iPhone supports both GSM and CDMA networks was fairly interesting due to the lack of knowledge of each other's language but thankfully Google solved it in the end.

The picture above on the right is from Ueno Park with is next to Taito and thus perfectly fit into my route. The park is nice but probably not the best one in Tokyo. Everything is overrun with tourists and the smelly food trucks didn't add to experience of a natural area in the city - wait for tomorrow's blog for a more beautiful Shrine and park (genious spoiler, I know!).

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