This Is The Start Of Something New

If you follow me on any of the Social Networks, you might have noticed that I recently flew to New York to film for the local television station Baden TV from Germany. After the first month I wanted to write an article on my blog about the stuff that has happened so far. 

But my blog really isn't about that any more. Over the years it turned more into a collection of guides, videos, tutorials, interviews and news articles all around the film world. Don't get me wrong, I certainly don't regret this progress, since it attracted quite a big audience and also resulted in some great opportunities that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

However I still want a place for the articles that now really don't fit in this blog any more. To move things forward I now created this new section which I called "Personal". This will be the place for all my articles, pictures and stuff that just don't fit in the Film Blog. I already have some cool articles lined up for the next couple of weeks and I think they'll give you a better idea what I want this personal blog section to be. I hope that you like them!

Stay tuned.

Be Original.