I went to London!

I recently went to London over the weekend and obviously took some photos. Here are some of my favorite places and also some London travel tips (below all the images).

Start of my journey: The train station at Frankfurt airport!

And a little while later: Ben!

Cool magazine shop called Artwords Bookshop, that also sells magazines and books from smaller artists.

Also worth a stop: Ruffians Barbers which is next to Covent Garden. They've got a very nice interior, a chilled vibe and nice staff!

Within walking distance to Kings Cross is Granary Square with a fantastic water installation and some nice cafes around.

The view from Canary Wharf…

The suburbs of London are also definitely worth a visit! I lived near Kingston a while ago so I went back there to wander around but I can also recommend Richmond with its Parks that are super relaxing.

Some general tips if you travel to London: Buy an Oyster card which is a contactless card that allows you to conveniently travel with the Underground and even the associated trains (e.g. to Kingston). It works through your wallet so you don't have to search for your card once you enter or leave the stations.

If you stay for more than a few days go to a Three store. They sell affordable SIM cards for the 3 network (~20£ for unlimited 4G data).

Also don't go Starbucks. Seriously! London has so many small/ indie coffee shops that are usually very friendly and could also give you some tips to see if you're tired of the touristy places!

If you have any questions, let me know on Twitter (@FreytagFilm) or on my Facebook page!

Hope you liked my pictures from my short trip to London! If you did, I'd really appreciate if you could share them on your social media networks as well!