Humankind is amazing.

It's hard to add something to a story that has been everywhere over the past few days - A story that will be written about in history books - A story that touched us all - A story that everything has been said about. But is it even possible to find 'the right words'?

Let's try it this way: Humankind is amazing.

Amazingly brave.

Moments after the first incidents and shootings while everyone fled the scene, one group ran the other way: The police. A force of hard working people risked their lives to save ours.
Thank you.

Amazingly friendly.

Some hours after the attacks while everyone was wandering around - victims, tourists, people in need - a Hashtag started to appear: #PorteOuverte (meaning Open Door).
Random strangers in the area offered their homes for other strangers to provide refuge. Connected through Social Media.

Amazingly innovative.

While TV stations overbid each other in numbers of victims and numbers of so-called 'experts', people turned to Social Media. And this night specifically to Periscope. A handful of eyewitnesses broadcasted live to thousands of people around the world with just their smartphones. Authenticity was the key. In a Raw and unedited way it gave viewers an insight into the situation.

Amazingly supportive.

From London to Karlsruhe, from silent protests to new profile pictures. Everyone had their own way of dealing with the situation. I filmed at a silent vigil in our city today where around 1000 people came together.

Amazingly human.

We all are different. We dress differently, we think differently, we do different things - journalist or police, Muslim or Christ, Parisienne or Londoner, extrovert or introvert - that's how we are, that's how we respect each other. Unfortunately we have to accept that attacks like this one will be a part of the modern world. We'll never be 100%-ly safe but we can help each other and stay united. As humans. As people.

(Pictures taken at a silent vigil in Karlsruhe on November 16th 2015)