My Travel Companion: The Bose Soundlink Mini

There are certain companies that people trust blindly. Apple is one of them for a growing customer base. They can introduce a product and people will buy it even before anyone tested or reviewed it. For me Bose became one of those companies as well. Their strategy and approach to new products is very similar to the way Apple builds things. They just work.

To be honest I was very skeptical when I first saw the Bose SoundLink Mini. I've seen a number of those small portable speakers and no one was even remotely usable. Except for this one. It truely was a "wow"-moment when I first played a song on that small box. I instantly wanted one.

I finally got mine in January 2014 and it traveled with me everywhere since then. It's small enough to fit in any camera bag yet powerful enough to easily fill small hotel rooms, cars or studios with sound. It also features Bose's rich and bassy sound.

The bluetooth connection is good enough to easily walk around with your iPhone and the pairing process is super easy (it also has an AUX connection to play from older devices). The speaker itself runs up to 7 hours with the internal battery and comes with a nice charging cradle, which makes it even easier to refuel after a long journey.

I use Bose's green soft cover, as you can see in the picture above, to protect it a little bit but I also have Bose's travel bag which has enough space for the SoundLink Mini and it's charger.

Considering the fact that Bose's products are usually a little bit more expensive that the average pair of cheap headphones from Best Buy, this box could have easily been in the range of $400 and up. But good for us, it's only $199 in the US or 199€ in the EU.

I know that there are quite a large number of portable wireless speaks available at the moment but I found Bose's SoundLink Mini to be one of the best in terms of usability, durability and obviously: sound quality.

If you have any questions about the SoundLink Mini, let me know on Twitter @FreytagFilm, on my Facebook page: or sent me an old-school email.