Posted on 16. Apr 2017

Day 2 continues the Cape Town adventure trip: The plan was to hike up Table Mountain just in time for the sunset but I first had to pass various "area of increased criminality" signs with warnings not to travel alone etc. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Anyway after a long and sweaty hike I made it to the top and it was absolutely worth it. The view over the entire city with the Golden Hour light was just incredible 😍
Unfortunately the line for the cable car ride downwards was so stupidly long that I decided to walk again. So equipped with my headlight I started the very dark way down which I thought was a bad idea until I met some less prepared hikers that wondered through the dark with just their iPhone lights.
Also the view of the glowing city with clear stars in the pitch-black sky amidst the sound of some birds is something you wouldn't experience otherwise!