New podcast, who dis???

What makes those, that do great things in this world original? How did they find their passion and how can we tackle the problems of our generation? Which places have podcasts and social media platforms in our lives nowadays? How many Instagram thirst traps does the earth need? Lots of questions, lots of room for answers.

Let's have a conversation then!
In this podcast I want to move beyond clickbait blog posts or soundbites to give space to talk, discuss and interview diverse people, friends, and colleagues along the way.

This is not written down to be this way forever. Consider it a work in progress project. :)

When does it air?

I don't aim to stick to a certain schedule or rythm to avoid putting out content that is rushed. So whenever there's something new, you'll hear it. To be up-to-date, make sure to subscribe in your favorite podcast app or add the RSS link or follow my social media profiles.

Who's behind it?

That's me, Daniel Freytag. Weird dude from the internet that usually makes lots of projects happen around voice assistants, mobile apps, cloud computing, and the future of radio.